December 10th, 2002

Photo - leaves

whee! it came!

finally! the SFX event video has arrivethed :)

and i watched it today (well, most of it; i skipped through joe pantoliano and shiri appleby and the one from 'mutant x' - i'll watch them later) and wheeee!

okay: it's 2 and a half hours long and it reminded me how much frelling fun the con was :)

sid and andy - first of all - they left in the ridges bit!! so for anyone who wants it, i'll be attempting to transcribe it at some point. second of all - they left in sid telling everyone the story of terry farrel sniffing his neck, which i shall also transcribe. all sorts of other wonderfulness on their section, all of which i remember as it was taken from the first morning :)

paul goddard - also all taken from the first morning, when he was a little nervous. however, the yayness is attributed to the fact that shilpa can be heard asking her question - and this, by the way, is the one question we couldn't remember later, so that's definitely a bonus :D

emma caulfield - they bleeped out her 'eff off' when asked to sing the bunny song, but it's obvious all the same. and they used footage from saturday and sunday. can't remember most of hers, but she's lovely.

james marsters - taken from both days again. god, i'd forgotten how much he rocks. seriously. he's so friendly and wow. and the best line - upon seeing himself on the big screen: "wow! i'm tall. for once in my life." :D and it's incredibly amusing that with a single spike-smirk he can reduce the entire audience to a pile of goo... (and kept promising to strip, only to rebuke with "you guys didn't pay that much to get in here, y'know...")


okay, i wanna meet him again. he ROCKS!

so it's all amazingly wonderful and beautious and rah!