December 20th, 2002

Photo - leaves

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okay. for the past *looks* 3 hours, i have been attempting to figure out how, exactly, to animate using adobe imageready. see, you need a degree in physics and russian to understand the help files alone. they are incredibly not helpful in the slightest.

anyway, with a lot of perseverance, screaming, and randomly clicking in the hope of finding something in english, i have managed to create something that might, on a good day, if you squint very hard, be considered an animated gif. it's not very interesting, but i'm quite proud of it nonetheless.

see! see my crappy animation!

i think animation of the lava lamps will have to wait for a while, as it will involve much copy-pasting and layering and things with photoshop and imageready, and i don't think my computer can cope right now...

but i feel all learnéd and proud of myself now! eee! animations!