December 29th, 2002

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i just randomly decided to peruse my first site (for anyone who hasn't had the pleasure of the horrible backgrounds, it's here. and i'll warn you right now, it's not easy on the eyes in any way whatsoever, so don't get suing me if you end up blind...) anyway, i'd forgotten that, in a moment of apparent insanity, i'd actually remembered to put up my ridiculously awful and hideous 'x-files' fics from when i was 15 and ficcing for the first time...

i'm not suggesting you read them by any means, but i thought i'd share the information. actually, i recall i only put them up as a matter of principle. back when i wrote them, i was also writing a sort of fan-based guidebook not unlike most of the unofficial ones out there. this book was going to be huge, with an episode guide, a shippers section, theories, you name it, it was probably in there. except i spent the summer of 1997 writing the episode guide for all of season 1 and half of 2, and the series was already on season 5, so i gave up. and when i read through it now, i cringe at myself. but i said to myself that when i got to uni, i would make a website, and upon it, i would publish said book, including the fics... which is precisely what i did.

then i realised i didn't want to inflict my hideous writings of that time on anyone, so they no longer appear on my site... in fact, i'd rather not lay claim to them at all, but there we go...
Photo - leaves

meep, once more

whilst reading through said fanfics, and upon discovering the following line:

"...then you managed to find front row seats for "CATS", "Phantom of the Opera" and "Sunset Boulevard"..."

bear in mind that a) i last tweaked this... two and a half years ago, or possibly more, and at the time, was only obsessed with "cats" and "phantom", and b) i've only been obsessed with SB since april and c) i remember i added SB to the list as the one i hadn't seen and knew nothing about other than that it was a lloyd webber, so it wouldn't look like i was only using my own obsessions...

*ahem* tempting fate, anyone?