January 4th, 2003

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well, that was interesting...

today, i spent 3 hours in brum with rachel and crystal. and, before my computer crashed, i had a much more comprehensive lowdown of how this came about. but anyway, i did.

we met at 12.00. i was intending to go in early to get rachel a b'day present, but failed because i got up with a headache and had to wait until it'd gone away. i got there at 11.45. early. go me! rachel arrived first. crystal texted to say she was going to be 20 minutes late. she was, in fact, 30 minutes late, and in the time of waiting, rachel and did a brief catch-up - i recounted SFX and SB in as little excitable detail as i could - and i think i was remarkably non-geek about it, to be honest - but i forgot that rachel isn't a spike fan and wasn't too interested in SB because "it's just another of my obsessions", after all. we did have a very brief conversation about harry potter. very brief.

crystal arrived. we headed off to the squeg for lunch, where more talking was done. i attempted to explain that i never intended to get obsessed with SB as they still didn't seem to be getting it. no matter how many times i repeated "she read my fanfic. and she remembered me." it made no difference, so i gave up and shut up for most of the rest of the day. oh yes, i did very briefly talk buffy and farscape, but they've both all but given up on that, too. (and i seem to recall rachel's a buffy/angeler, so i couldn't even enthuse about buffyspike. and crystal's not a shipper, so that was also a no-go.) *sigh*

i decided this was a good course of action when i spotted, from the corner of my eye, rachel shaking her head exasperatedly, in a manner that implied "it's only bex and her obsessions. she'll grow out of it."

the conversation moved onto what they were going to do after uni - they're both finishing this year, of course. when asked what i wanted to do, i said i didn't know, but getting a job in order to fund my future writing career was probably a good option. i was asked what i wanted to write. what kind of a question is that? i want to write! novels, stories, screenplays! it's not a difficult concept! christ, they both read enough...

oh yes. and when i mentioned the fact that, in a random moment in disneyland paris, i felt like i wanted to work in movies? that got the exasperated shaking-of-the-head, too.

anyway, after that we headed to primark. they appear to have turned into Girls when i wasn't looking. they were buying underwear. this disturbs me greatly. and crystal ran into an old workmate from when she was working at the odeon and talked to her for a good five minutes, thus interrupting what i was saying to her. and she didn't introduce me, either. wow, don't i feel special.

next stop, H&M. sales. and me broke. and nice things in shops that i refuse to cave in and buy (*ahem* - see later...) crystal picks out a delightful plum-coloured, fitted, long satin skirt and claims that it's "very me". no, it's really not... (oh yes, that was the other thing - today, it was bloody freezing. today, i was wearing: tights, socks, black cords; vest top, long-sleeved [coloured] top, scraggy black jumper; red scarf; black coat; purple/black stripey hat. not what you'd call goth. sort of semi-goth. cold goth. minus any form of makeup because i felt so crappy when i woke up. and rachel complained i was wearing all black. as if i'd own any other colour? it goes with everything!)

i think i almost convinced crystal to come to rocky, but she wasn't impressed by my suggestion that i would get her into suspenders...

that's about all i can remember. but after 3 hours, i was tired, and gave up. but i got some new trainers. red ones :) for a tenner :)
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right, so i'm back at uni for 10 days with a more functional computer (but only just), a keyboard i can type with, and a lovely fast internet connection. oh, and an essay to finish. if anyone sees me here livejournalling any words other than "woohoo, i finished", please poke me and make me finish it...
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don't poke me. i'm working. honest :)

a sentence, ending thusly:

"...deviated even slightly from the 'norm'."

and yes, i did manage to type that as 'norma' the first time around without even realising i'd done it. my brain is saturated...

oh, that, and i just realised that for some reason word changed my "diagnosis of madness" into "diagnosis of murder"... but that's just plain bizarre...
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almost forgot...

from katie, when she went to new york, from (where else?) hot topic...

it's a choker, with a little jack in a coffin on it. here's a closeup of the jack:

apologies for the bad quality - it's kinda tricky to scan a reflective silver thing ;) next time i'm back home i'll wear it and get a picture done with the digital camera. until then, this'll have to do.