January 8th, 2003

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okay, i'll finsh the 2002 writeup later on, when it's late at night and i can focus on it ;) for now i'll give you an incredibly interesting lowdown of my afternoon.

today was my C17th century literature exam. it wasn't too bad, considering. i read through my notes afterwards and i'd only missed out one of the more minor points, and i wasn't completely sure about that one, anyway, so it doesn't really matter. and i got out early.

annoyingly, though, i managed to lose a glove somewhere. it's not like i don't have other gloves, but i liked these, dammit, and they're thermal...

i listened to my walkman on the way (p.j.harvey, still) which i rarely do. and it's like having a soundtrack for life, so i may do it more often.

and i popped katie's CD in the post. that's about it.
Photo - leaves

MSN is the bastard son of a syphilitic donkey.

Your display name cannot contain certain words, such as some Microsoft product names, and words or phrases that are considered vulgar or offensive. There are also some commonly used terms that are invalid for use in display names including "email," "member," "system," "account," and "tech."

so reads the criteria for MSN screennames. so. having just discovered the song "being alive" and decided that i really liked the lyrics (sondheim, from company, 1970), i decided to change my screenname to the following:

"...i'll always be there, as frightened as you, to help us survive..."

and MSN throws up an error message telling me it's invalid.

i blink. go "what?!". and try it again. same result.

off i go to the help pages to find above criteria. i blink again, frown in consternation, and mutter about it. i try again. same result, of course.

so, eventually, it lets me have "i'll always be there, as frightened as you" as a screenname. without the last four words. i try "to help us survive" on its own. this, apparently, is invalid.

what the frell??

i shall have my revenge. just you watch.

(p.s.: apologies for the cross-posting here and on ~peevish...)