January 10th, 2003

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"Hi and congratulations,
You have just been nominated for the 2003 Farscape Fan Fiction Awards in the category of Best Author. Please let me know what stories you would like to submit and where they are archived. If there is a new story that is not archived, please send it to me.
Again, congratulations,
M. "

all right, who did it this time?! own up!

secondly - the bizarre thing that occurred earlier: whilst waiting for the lights to change so i could cross a particularly nasty and awkward road, i looked down towards the corner from whence the traffic was coming. a hackney cab turned said corner. and suddenly, i got the weirdest feeling that i was in london... then i blinked and the hackney had passed and it was derby once more. tres weird...
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this was her (http://livejournal.com/~last_dance) idea, but i may as well mention it now...

in 9 weeks (gah...) "farscape" airs its final episode of season 4. well, give or take a break for some pointless sports event or another. anyway. in at least 9 weeks... and it's a given, this being "farscape", and the kemper and his minions of terror being the evil sadists that they are, that it will not only end on a cliffhanger, but it'll be a hideously angsty painful one, too. with very little hope of a resolution unless they find a way to get it to us.

anyway. she has suggested that perhaps a getting-together-group-watching session may be in order. this does not seem like something one can sensibly watch alone. as for where, well, that'll be sorted nearer the time, if it even goes ahead. but i'm just wondering if anyone else (britainwards) wanted to join in.

and if it ends in a group suicide, we all know who to blame :P
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*huge grin*


and, in case you didn't catch that the first few times...


whee! march 15th, manchester palace theatre (again!), row R 4-7, stalls, for their birthdays, courtesy of her for she is wondrous and lovely.

*hugs sweet*

manchester beware. the terrilble four returneth to wreak their wrath upon thee... *maniacal laughter*

*ahem* yes. just a tad happy about it :)