January 12th, 2003

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notes to self, for future reference:

1) do not pick fights over trivial things because you feel like arguing about them. especially when said fight is against a group of people not an individual. Collapse )

2) stop cheating at scrabble. it's only a game. even if it sucks to lose all the sodding time. it's not worth the aggravation.

3) be sane and sensible about "cats". (it's a perfectly legitimate note to self, even if it's never going to happen...)

4) stop trying to spend money you do not have.

i think that'll do for now.
Photo - leaves

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okay, so bedtime last night/this morning transpired to be 6am again, and i wasn't asleep til 7.43, which i know, because i got up to turn off my alarm clock before it went off at 7.45 and made sleep even more of a mystery.

so i have several options tonight:

a) get to sleep before 4am. unlikely.

b) get to sleep when tired, wake up at 11.00 the next morning no matter how tired i am...

c) stay up all night and go to bed at a reasonable time tomorrow. this, i feel, may be the only option, as i need to get my sleeping pattern back to normal in time for wednesday.

and oh, frell, i should be revising. sod, sod, sod...