January 26th, 2003

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i'm sorry! it just happened!

firstly, because it's completely inescapable...

farscago! (or maybe chicape)

roxie hart - chiana
velma kelly - aeryn (oh come on, it'd be funny... at least her hair's the right colour...)
billy flynn - john. obviously. screw the shipping...
mama - zhaan
mary sunshine - sikozu or jool. i vote sikozu. she's less annoying.
amos - d'argo
fred casely - anyone who chiana's slept with who died early in the proceedings of an episode...

however, it does prove my point that 'farscape' can be crossedover with anything, including 'buffy'. in fact, the only things that won't work are 'the phantom of the opera' and 'sunset boulevard' (and believe me, i've tried. actually, they WOULD work, but not in any character combination i want to think about... much as john/zhaan would be interesting, it's not something i'm particularly desperate to investigate in a fic. and while i could do aerynchristine and johnraoul, i'd have to be a christine/raoul shipper and that's never going to happen. hence, dilemma. anyway, i digress...)

anyhoo. stemming from previous post, i give you:

buffycago! (or would that just be "sunnydale"?)

roxie - buffy
velma - anya (velma killed her sister and husband. it's a very tenuous vengeance demon link.) failing that, i'll fall back on cordy. old bitchy cordy.
billy - spike (the william thing)
mama - after ruminations with naomi, the first option is d'hoffryn
mary sunshine - willow
amos - angel
fred - riley. then i get to kill him.

this version sticks to my shipping of roxie/billy along with buffy/spike, and manages to get in angel AND riley at the same time ;)

the other alternative is:

roxie - willow. or maybe anya.
velma - buffy (and we kill off dawn by default :D)
billy - giles. i can see that, actually...
mama - ... the second option is lorne from "angel". suits him ;)
mary sunshine - again, anya, or willow, depending on who's roxie...
amos - although it goes against all my shipping, spike. because "mister cellophane" and just aw...
fred - oz... or xander... ha! xander ;)

naomi's right. i need a 12-step programme. for everything.
Photo - leaves

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okay, so it transpires that villagephotos is enforcing the maximum-25 photo limit, so at some point i have to move all my photos AGAIN, before i use up all the space on fahrbot for hosting...

the internet world discriminates against poor people. this sucks.