February 2nd, 2003

Photo - leaves


turns out there are no trains (or coaches) out of leeds on a saturday beyond 8.30pm. this sucks. this will entail staying there overnight (naomi, i shall talk to you about this later... incidentally, i took a picture of a freaky and imposing block of flats at the sheffield interchange, but if you come with us next time you'll see it for yourself anyway...) or finding someone with a car who is willing to either drive us and hang around, or drive us and see it, too ;) (i'd recommend the latter, personally...)

just about to attempt (again) to scan the programme and the peeectures, and then check mail to see if sweet's responded to the jeremyletter i just sent her for proofreading. it's long, but not as long and hideously pretentious as the last one ;) and it's about as subtle as a brick, but there we go. i might as well have just said "i'll meet you in the foyer or i'll stalk you 'til you die. your choice."

and i decided to buy myself some curd cheese today. haven't had that in years. *makes small curd-cheese enduced noises* i swear, if heaven exists, all the angels live off curd cheese...