February 8th, 2003

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this is what is known in the trade as a Bad Plan. and this time i'm not talking about tomorrow ;)


this time, i'm talking about listening to the elaine paige/kris phillips "masterpiece" version of "perfect year" and now i can't stop grinning like a moron...
Photo - leaves


okay, here's the deal:

i'm starving. i'm also so nervous i'm practically shaking. the combination of the two is i'm liable to actually throw up, which isn't going to be very pretty...

for god's sake, i wasn't this bad at sunset until at least 3 hours before the show, and that was unjustififed, more or less. this is frelling ridiculous...


think pleasant thoughts... think pleasant thoughts... think pleasant thoughts not to do with lil shop... argh.
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    to top it all off, i have something from the frelling fimbles in my head from yesterday...
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