February 16th, 2003

Photo - leaves

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iiiii have fishnet sleeves! purple ones! home-made! (badly.)

and i'm going to see "treasure planet" in about half an hour :) and i should probably draw some money out before i go...

that is all. over and out.
Photo - leaves

random memory...

ha! how odd! i just remembered! last night, whilst trying to sleep, i got one of the songs from "bedknobs and broomsticks" in my head - if anyone's seen it, remember that song christopher tomlinson's characters sings in the library? that one. in my head. and then i remembered the ending as he's going off to war and recalled how i was a shipper even then and now i want to see the movie again, but anyway... during all this remembrance, i got the urge to *cough*fic*cough* it. i could hear the three kids talking my head and everything. only now i can't remember it. but it was very good :)

oh, and i just found one heck of a good "treasure planet" fic, and it's not finished :(