February 18th, 2003

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*sings a la aeryn in "revenging angel"* happy birthday... to you... happy birthday... to you... happy birthday... beta lady... happy birthday... to you...

*throw confetti and blows up balloons*


your present can be found here - of course, all others are perfectly free to view it, too, because i'm quite proud of it...

*birthday hugs*

and still got wheeecats to look forward to!!
Photo - leaves

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jesus christ on a frelling pogo stick, how bloody cold is it today? to top that off, the heating wasn't working in our room this morning, and even the lecturer was dithering. she let us go half an hour early, under the promise we'd actually go to the coffeeshop downstairs and do work - of course, we all agreed, then ran home to get warm, or, in my case, get shopping. i now have food. enough food, in fact, to last me at least 10 days without having to go to farmfoods for more frozen things.

anyway, i went to choir today with my Big Yellow Bag of Sunset Stuff (including the lil shop programme. it's more a Big Yellow Bag of Jeremy Stuff now...) to tell the entire saga from sunset onwards to jenny, who knew i was going to leeds, but didn't entirely know why. and hurrah and huzzah, for she fancies him too! i practically had to wrench my sunset programme from her hands - and now, she understands why i was so goddamn nervous, as she's seen what he looks like. annoyingly, she guessed he was gay from one picture in the sounvenir brochure. why did it take me so long to realise? why did i only actually realise when carla told me?

can we say 'denial'? ;)

oh, and conversation, more or less quoted, between jenny and me:

"are you sure he's-?"


"there's no chance he might be-?"

"nope. i mean, the first time i met him, i wouldn't have guessed. the second time, so would have guessed. he's a sort of sweet and slightly camp cockney..."

"hm... could he be bi?"

"dunno. here's hoping. i could live with that..."

however, he's MY adorable gay musicals man, dammit! MINE!

anyway, yay, for i have a stalker-buddy :D and when he's famous, she can say "my friend knows him..." which'll rock. although not as much as me being able to say "oh, yeah, i met him when he was still unknown..."

ah, i can dream...

anyway. i complain once more about the fact that it's bloody freezing... hot water bottle tonight, i feel...