February 25th, 2003

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in reference to the conversation i transcribed last night... see, now, the only trouble is... i want him to be in rocky. as brad. because it would be, by turn, absolutely frelling adorable, and frankly quite disturbing (no pun intended...) while at the same time causing me to giggle hysterically.

and before everyone gives me withering stares, i want you to imagine it. which i realise is trickier for those who've only seen pictures. but for those who have seen him perform (specifically in little shop, because it's a very similar character)...

and since a stage door hanging-out is, of course, obligatory (in case nicolas parsons is in it again, or in case richard o'brien is - he has to leave by the stage door because he has to sign out... okay, now i'm suddenly very nervous...) just imagine how bloody funny it would be. "oh, hi again. stalker? me? no, just here for rocky this time" *large grin*

*giggles to self*

oh, frell it.

i'm going to bloody kill naomi.