February 26th, 2003

Photo - leaves


i was asked to put 15 dozen of these up at uni, but i don't think they'll let me. so here's my effort, putting it on livejournal. specifically this is for eve and naomi in case they want to come - can both of you get back to me on that, please? (oh, sweet, you're welcome, too, if you can find the cathedral :P)

the entire point of scanning was so that it would save me having to type out what we're singing, but because villagephotos.com optimised it, you now can't read it... *mutters*

(picture deleted to free space)

come, jubilate, hear me singing top Bs and marvel at the apparently very talented emma kirkby, who i have yet to hear sing. i'm taking their words for it...

that list of pieces actually reads:
j. haydn - "nelson" mass - (this is lovely. very bouncy. very high. the second sopranos keep seeing the top Bs and panicking, it's quite sweet.)
will todd - prayer (world premiere) - (this is... interesting.)
j.c.bach - vauxhall songs - (i have no idea, as we have yet to rehearse it...)
w.a. mozart - veni sancte spiritus K47 - (another nice piece. although any piece that has a section that frelling starts on a top A cannot be good...)
david fisher - laudate dominum - (it sounds hideous at the moment, but i'm assured it'll sound wonderful with all the soloists and the brass...)

so, yeah. come!