March 9th, 2003

Photo - leaves

day two...

(and in case anyone's wondering, no, not all my posts are going to be pub-orientated...)

today was apparently a non-hectic saturday, because it was all spaced out. i was, however, rushed off my feet by the family who were in, one of whom was the wife of the owner. anyway, there were about 20 of them, and this, apparently, is, like, half of the whole family. hence, ridiculously huge rounds of incredibly bizarre things like double brandy and coke in a pint glass... (if i had money, i'd try it. something has to make brandy taste good...)

anyway, said wife of said owner then praised me on coping with them as it was only my second night, because they didn't manage to intimidate me. (actually, i'm fairly sure i overcharged them on a few things, but they were probably too drunk to notice, and it all went on the bill anyway.)

so, today was 18.00 to 00.45 or thereabouts. that's 6.75 hours @ £4.20/hour = £28.35. although i think it was more like 6.5 hours... added to the £25 odd from yesterday, i'm now looking at £53.35. and my 12.00 - 16.00 shift tomorrow has turned into 11.00 - 18.00 as a matter of getting there and back and whoever can give me a lift... but that'll be another 7 hours worth. which is probably way over what i'm supposed to do, but what the hell, i'm getting paid for it.

exhausted now (and have to get up early, too. bah.) but in the good, "at-least-i'm-getting-paid-for-being-exhausted" way. feet hurt less tonight. have also gotten better at pulling pints (except of bass, because it's frelling impossible to get a head below about 3 inches) and at gin and tonics, finally, after about three failed attemps...

gah. need to be up again in 7 hours. bedtime.