March 10th, 2003

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my subconscious is a very strange place.

yes, indeed, my subconscious. a lovely place to visit, and i'd definitely want to live there...

my dream, ladies and gentlemen...

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incidentally - eve, i need to know if you're coming down to brum on friday or saturday. lloyd - the plan is exactly the same as last time - meeting at the fire station at 10am on saturday morning. sweet - any problems, etc, just let me know...
Photo - leaves

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wow, i wonder whose fault this one was:


You've been nominated for the 'Are You Sure You Don't Work for Mutant Enemy?' award at [Lost Souls Awards]. I've included two nomination pics you can slap on your site. The awards will (hopefully) be announced on April 5th.

- Magz"


although i probably won't win on account of 'cradle' not being, well, finished...