March 12th, 2003

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erik's back!

so. it was 4am. and i finally thought, y'know, i have to be up in four and three-quarter hours, i should really go to bed now. so i did. and at 5am, i did the following. only this is the much improved less annoying version. and after a lot of deliberation, i decided to post it, because it's not like i haven't embarrassed myself enough this month on here.

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i'm still not sure about it. but nevertheless, a short story is a short story, and it's about time erik came out of hibernation. so, anyway, i got about 3 hours sleep, got up, checked my timetable to see what i was meant to have read, and it turned out we had this week off, so i went back to sleep. and i've got an essay due in on the 17th. why does that always happen when i'm losing a weekend?
Photo - leaves

so little time, so much to do.

another to-do list, to attempt to provoke me to get things done...

1) essays and case studies coursework. i think it's only 1500 words...

2) beta humungously long thing.

3) attempt to remember to take zip disc into creative writing on friday so i have something resembling a copy of my screenplay.

4) finish plot synopsis of 'cats' before friday for eve to read and have some clue of what's going on. yes, it does have a plot...

5) stop sodding procrastinating and do 1)...

6) send bra to scifi channel. or at least giggle a lot if anyone actually does. (re: this thread at kansas...)


ohhh, i should so be working...

(addendum 03.36: you notice how i end up finishing the pointless things first? well, apart from the beta. but the essay's not even started yet. although it's very easy. and argh. i'm going to bed now...)