March 17th, 2003

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last night was the first night in a very long time where i was in bed before 11pm, afternoon naps of late notwithstanding. and i still managed to get up 15 minutes late. *sigh* but at least i managed to make it into uni this morning, which is always a bonus. have been doing some thinking and may journal these thoughts later tonight; thoughts of cats nearly caused me to drift off completely during one of dave's rants in crit theory until i managed to pull my brain back to reality.

i miss the days when i could just drift. while i'm sure actually learning stuff is more advantageous, i yearn for that time when i could just let my mind wander and see where i ended up. logic and maturity dictates it happens rarely.

and shit, i shouldn't be angsting in a public computer lab...

anyway. as i said, thoughts may be posted later. although i realised, in all the stress and exhaustion of last week, what with cats and god only knows what else (and the return of annoyingly hurty infatuation with y-k-w [naomi, don't say a word...] as opposed to the pleasantly hyper one) have meant that i only just realised when reading her latest entry that there's no 'scape tonight, and may not be for a very long time. sigh.

anyway. more doubtless coming at 2am when i'm meant to be sleeping...
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amphibolical quiz.

[a] - Age: 21.
[b] - Best friend(s): all of you, depending on who i'm not hideously annoyed with (it's rare...)
[c] - Choice of meat: beef, lamb, pork, chicken, turkey, tuna... can i stop yet?
[d] - Dream date: i think you know...
[e] - Exciting adventure: little shop in leeds. although that was more 'nervous adventure'...
[f] - Favorite food: meat. chocolate. potatoes.
[g] - Greatest accomplishment: little shop. leeds. jeremystalkage thereof. failing that, uh, passing first year english?
[h] - Happiest day of your life: haven't had one yet. had plenty of notable good ones...
[i] - Interests: fic, writing, grammar-vulturing, musicals, probably many others.
[k] - Kool-aid: never had it.
[l] - Love: in it and being slowly eaten alive. that do? which is why i shouldn't fill these things in when my brain's feeling dark and shrouded. my opinions of love would fill a book, and i don't feel particularly inclined to tell everyone at the moment...
[m] - Most valued: most valued what? relationship? person? possession?
[n] - Name: part of my identity, but nevertheless i don't like it. i know very few people who actually do like their own names.
[o] - Outfit you love: depends on my mood...
[p] - Pizza toppings: cheese, tomato, spicy beef, tuna.
[q] - Question asked to you the most: "where did you get that coat?" recently; actually, i don't get people asking me things very often.
[r] - Radio station: barely listen to the radio, but if i had to listen to anything for an extended period of time, probably radio 2 or classic FM. i've always maintained they should have a station that plays showtunes. hell, i'll frelling host it.
[s] - Sport: snooker and tennist i can just about cope with.
[t] - Television show: farscape (*sigh*), buffy, trek, jonathan creek, frasier, red dwarf, usually whatever's on...
[u] - Your favourite song: at the moment... oh, i don't know. to quote lorna quoting that poet (whose name escapes me) "life is a glorious cycle of song..."
[v] - Video: way too many...
[w] - Winter: snow, rain, all that good stuff, cold notwithstanding.
[x] - Xylophone: something, along with the harp, that i always wanted to learn to play.
[y] - Year born: 1981
[z] - Zodiac sign: libra and often a stereotypical one...
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FYI, to all who read this...

if you don't see me online of late, it's because i'm going to be taking some time out from messenger. don't ask why. many reasons. i may also take a timeout from livejournal, but will be checking emails daily if there's anything anybody absolutely desperately wants me for, which is unlikely. and i'll be checking up on livejournal and probably commenting... so, yeah.

i shall be absent for a week. unless i get the dire need to be social, in which case, less.

(there may be a post later explaining why, if i can be bothered...)