March 22nd, 2003

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in reference to the last entry, my computer fixed itself again. or possibly this is a wild overestimation on my part. but nevertheless, i'm back at 1024x786 again. woot.

i agree whole-heartedly with everything she just posted, only she managed to put it into words because she's clever and actually knows what she's talking about. vote lorna for president of the world! *waves flags*

but in all seriousness, believe me, i'm anti-war along with the best of you. i've read several variations on a simple phrase as of yesterday: "so, we're at war, then." i don't want to go to war. war is one of those things that happened to all the other generations. and one of the many things that have always really scared me are gas masks; the modern ones don't look all that different - maybe more high-tech and reliable - than the ones they had in the last world war (and dear god, that just makes it sound worse) and seeing people wearing them out there in the iraqi desert suddenly made it hit home.

any human being (or beings) that can justify bombing the shit out other human beings is one to be feared...

but yeah. anyway. had another shift at the pub today, thus proving i wasn't the world's worst barmaid, and have another one tomorrow. then i have to explain that i can't do next weekend or the saturday after. hm...