March 23rd, 2003

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i am worth precisely £72.45. well. there you go. and yay, my boss is pissed off (although admittedly in general) because i can't do next weekend or the saturday after, but i can't say i blame him. very glad i'm not gonna be there on mother's day, though. oy...

to whomsoever it may concern, i will be abstaining from messenger/s for another week, purely because i have way too much work to do. as always, if i'm required, needed, or wanted in any way (i wish...) i am still checking emails... any information/queries/other such things regarding rocky (especially from you) can be emailed and i'll probably reappear on MSN or something. in fact i'll probably be back wednesday or so...

so, yeah.

now i'm going to bed...
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right, so that's another very badly written essay out of the way, at least. still have a crapload of reading to do, however. and oh, frell. critical theory. ah, well, i can revise at 2am. no big.

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sorry. not very inspired...
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don't ask me why. i find myself perusing the bbc teen message boards, getting incredibly scared and that's after i've translated all the bloody txtspk...
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