March 27th, 2003

Photo - leaves

another bizarre dream for the collection...

let's see if i can remember... um... ah, yeah, it was set up like a horror movie, with trailers and such. and the only trailer i actually remember was of a bloodied hand about to strike someone. possibly.

anyway, the basic premise was this evil little boy trying to kill his sister. and now i really can't be bothered to remember the rest except that there was a beach and a large expensive hotel, and my cat. most odd.

have finally bought a gold top hat and red hair spray to columbiafy myself, and more ribbon for my shorts. and i've lost my blue socks... hm. just got to make the jacket and the shorts and the bow tie and get some shoes...

last night i finally got around to making (another) copy of catatonia - "evolution" - a compilation of all the b-sides (named by me, because it shows how their style changed over the years...)

if anyone wants a copy, here's the playlist, and i can make you one...

1. no stone unturned
2. mantra for the lost
3. mulder and scully (the ex-files) [extended version]
4. i'm cured
5. blow the millennium
6. road rage [extended version]
7. game on
8. dead from the waist down [album version]
9. branding a mountain
10. bad bad boy
11. strange glue [album version]
12. that's all folks
13. don't wanna talk about
14. all girls are fly [both from 'karaoke queen']
15. apathy revolution
16. intercontinental sigh [from 'londinium']
17. jump or be sane
18. stone by stone
19. long time lonely
20. apple core [extended version]

so, yeah. let me know :) charge will be, oh, 50p, or a blank CD :)