April 19th, 2003

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i've only read the first four and haven't actually encounted magrat yet. but i heard about her before now. i'm really not surprised by the outcome...
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"got stuff to do!"

subject is a very obscure eddie izzard quote. first person to tell me where it's from gets... a creme egg. or a CD compilation of their choice. ah, i'm so original :)

tomorrow/later, i must:

~ buy a 3-pack of cadbury's creme eggs to send to avem.

~ copy "cats"

~ copy "the 10th kingdom"

~ buy three different birthday cards

~ send one of them.

~ do some creative writing. or possibly some reading.

~ go to work.

and this is assuming i manage to get up before midday.
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feel free to ignore this...

remember the obscenely long quiz? well, i was just reading mine and came across this:

265. Name something that comes in threes: love stories in musicals. think about it, it's true!

and i thought about it. and it IS true. let's see... at random.

"the sound of music" - maria/georg/the baroness (and, i think, in the live show, also georg/the baroness/max)

"oklahoma!" - would help if i could remember the characters names, but there's judd/the girl/the guy. oh, i'll watch it again at some point. or i'm sure someone could tell me.

"little shop of horrors" - seymour/audrey/orrin.

"the phantom of the opera" - phantom/christine/raoul

"sunset boulevard" - actually, it has many. mainly, norma/joe/betty. then there's joe/betty/artie and joe/norma/max. which is one of the many reasons i love it so much. all the aaaaangst :)

"les misérables" - cosette/marius/eponine

"cats" - don't get me started... ;)

"the rocky horror show" - also has many. brad/janet/frank is the main one alongside frank/rocky/janet. but then there's riff/mags/frank and riff/mags/columbia; columbia/eddie/frank and columbia/frank/rocky. and probably many more besides...

"moulin rouge" - christian/satine/the duke

"whistle down the wind" - amos/swallow/the man (seriously, that's his character's name), and, to a lesser extent, swallow/amos/that girl whose name i've forgotten... but considering i barely remember the tour, i'm impressed i managed to remember that at all..

"my fair lady" - freddie/eliza/higgins

when i've seen "miss saigon", i bet it'll be another one. and there's GOT to be one in "notre dame de paris", which i hope tours eventually. ditto "the beautiful game", which, although it stole the tune from "the heart is slow to learn" and made it horrible, did sound quite interesting.

there are exceptions to the rule, "south pacific" [which i saw a movie version of with glenn close in, which was bloody terrifying; and jeremy was in it, at some point, in london. odds he played 'joe' and ended up dead in that, too?] for one, and "oliver!" for another. but any musical that has a prominent love story in it will have an associated unrequited love story attached. hence, love stories in musicals come in threes :)