April 22nd, 2003

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stuff, stuff, stuff!

aldi's jelly beans are nearly as good as the real thing, and just as addictive. except it's somewhat a mystery as to what they all taste of since there's no key... it's like the every flavour beans in harry potter :)

(re: the music comment above ^ - i have been trying to find this damn song for two frelling years since angela played it for me. and i finally have an mp3 of it. this is going to go on my custom made favourite musicals CD... preeeety harmonies. pretty and obvious harmonies that are devillishly easy to learn and very mmmmm. *melts* never thought i'd combine the god of phantom and yentl, but dear lord, it's wondrous...)

retail therapy rockeths. have now bought/been bought the following...

~ new slippers! reduced to £1.00 from £5.00 at matalan.

~ shopping from aldi to stock up my cupboard, and an external 1-into-4 USB hub for my computer for when i finally use the digital camera at home. 2 USB ports is not enough for a computer...

~ DVDs: the crow 2 DVD special edition and the little shop of horrors original jack nicholson black and white film. (it was £3.99. like i could resist.) unfortunately, i happen to need nosferatu and dracula, both of which i left at home...

~ a tee-shirt that i simply had to get, for £5.00:

*grin* okay, okay, i apologise... it amused me. i'll never be able to wear it with any degree of seriousness...

i believe that's everything.
Photo - leaves

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i'm addicted to this song... help.

the challenge seems not to be learning the harmonies, but rather holding the original tune. the harmonies make it... considerably less dark and angsty. it could be the erik/christine love theme in an alternate universe. if it was sarah brightman and not barbra streisand, of course ;)

i have put it in a webpage for follks to download it, right here in MP3 form (about 5.7MB). everyone has to hear this. especially people who know "music of the night" as sung by michael crawford... and if only to humour me :)

and, in case anyone's wondering, here are Collapse )

it's poking my phanphic Muse something chronic. midasgirl'll be so pleased if i can get phic out of this *grin*