April 24th, 2003

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it's about bloody time...

after a year and a half, my erikMuse has finally dragged his backside out of hibernation/exile, and given me phanphic. it was meant to be a short songfic based on that version of MOTN, but, as usual, it's writing itself out of control, so i've had to chapter it.

part one is now uploaded to fanfic.net, for anyone who's interested. the only trouble with having written in the buffy fandom for so long is that i forget how large the fanbase is, and then wonder why things i post in other fandoms get about 50% less reviews :)

i think the maximum i ever got in the POTO section was 15, though, so here's hoping...

and on that note: no fandom is sacred forever. oh, god. we've got badficcers. *sobs*
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due to a change of plan, i am now actually going to SFX on may 17th and 18th. there are very few people i actually want to meet at the con itself, excepting nicole de boer (ezri dax), but there are a heck of a lot more guests at the london expo (which i get free entry to), including...

~ andy robinson, again.

on sunday only:

~ robert llewellyn (kryten) and norman lovett (holly)
~ chris barrie, who is also hosting the awards ceremony.
~ i've heard something about christopher lee, but i have no idea precisely what he's doing.


~ robert picardo. yes, you heard me. robert "the doctor" picardo.

any requests for autographs? katie gets instant first call on rob picardo after me ;)

*bounce bounce* ohmyfrellinggod!!!
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whee! "cats" is coming to the alex in birmingham!! IN TIME FOR MY BIRTHDAY!

(october 14th to november 1st)

okay, this rocks too much. seriously. something's finally going right in my little world of 'cats'... :D