April 26th, 2003

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okay, by comparison to this morning, last night's dream was frelling normal.

can anyone explain why i'm having shipper dreams about - wait for it - michael douglas and catherine zeta jones? anyone? please? i mean, yes, so i caught the end of a film preview with michael douglas in it out of the corner of my eye, but meh!! the phantom of the opera shipper dream i'll accept, since i read 12 chapters of a shipperphic after work until, like, 5am, but michael douglas and catherine zeta jones, for crying out loud??

i don't know whether i'm more disturbed by the content, or the fact that they were really sweet... or maybe the fact that i knew c.z.j and she'd entrusted various... documents? random pieces of paper and photos and things... to me, and people were paying me ten pound notes to have a glimpse.