April 27th, 2003

Photo - leaves


with many thanks to the glorious and lovely queenc2346, who does, in fact, take requests, and made me 12 rockingeth icons. unfortunately, what with livejournal being stingy and me being broke, i can only upload three at a time...


we have the one, i made:

which will be used for when i'm feeling geeky. (there's also a geeky-william one i might upload later for that purpose...)

then there's the new default:

which is just nice. and then, there's this one:

which will be my angst-post icon, if i ever remember to actually change them once in a while... yay for new icons! i may cycle them every now and then til i've used all twelve.
Photo - leaves

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if anyone's interested, the big-screen big-star movie version of "evita" is on tonight on bbc1 at 11.00pm.

yay! more things to rant about in the world of musicals. i'll start with the scheduling *mutters*

so, yeah. i think i'll tape it, despite the presence of the banderas. i'll only regret it if i don't... oo, it's going to be fun nitpicking this one, i can tell. i've seen it before, when it was on sky years ago, but i think i fell asleep... oops. as a matter of principle, i'll endeavour to stay awake this time...