May 3rd, 2003

Photo - leaves


well, i do not have the manchester photos. not only do 6x4 take four days longer, they are also black and white, and hence take up to two weeks... which they conveniently failed to tell me on tuesday. and i wouldn't mind so much, but i was going to use some of them in my creative writing if they were suitable, which is in on the 13th, which is when the sodding photos'll come back...

Photo - leaves

i learnt javascript!

well. all right. maybe 'learnt' is the wrong word. but i did manage to successfully alter someone else's hideously complicated snippet to create something clever for my creative writing coursework. i've even uploaded it to show everyone... right here.

click either on the text or the word "orphan eyes". then when it's loaded, roll your mouse over the headings :D

i did jaaaava scriiiipt!
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