May 4th, 2003

Photo - leaves


today is:

~ 17 years since she was born.

~ 20 years since she was born.

~ 1 year since entropy aired on sky one (buffy season 6)

and the reason i know this incredibly pointless fact is because i watched the first half before leaving the house to go to the hippodrome, which means it's

~ 1 year since my second viewing of sunset

and hence

~ 1 year since meeting faith brown for the first time.

and this time last year i was probably twitchy and nervous as heck thanks to the fic thing. and while i'd claim it was one year since the y-k-w thing began, i'd be lying - i realisd that started somewhere between the two shows...

whee! nostalgia!


hope you enjoy your presents, because they're so mysterious ;) (naomi, don't hurt me for the card...)
Photo - leaves

pointless facts

just did the national IQ test on bbc1. (if anyone missed it, take it online.)

my IQ is apparently 122 :D which is only 8 points away from being mensa material ;) (60 out of 70, if you're curious. the maths section killed me. i'm fine with mental arithmetic when i have more than 25 seconds to answer...)

birmingham came lowest nationally. i'm ashamed of you.

everyone tell me your scores!