May 8th, 2003

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next year.

well, we had our module info day this afternoon, and so far my (provisional) timetable appears as follows:

autumn semester:
monday; 5.00-8.00; representing the contemporary (which is all about post-war britain and is more interesting than it sounds.)
tuesday; 9.30-12.00; critical theory iii (which i have to do. next year it's entirely based on post-modernism and is apparently 'fun'...)
wednesday; 1.00-4.00; apocalyptic and paranoid cultures (another brottman subject. he didn't turn up to plug it, but the title along is interesting enough.

spring semester:
tuesday; 1.00-4.00; shakespeare today (exploding the myth around shakespeare, apparently, and how he influences literature/theory in the modern world. mostly a self-study module.)
wednesday; 4.00-6.00ish; america noir (whereby we get to study poe :D)

and then my 2 modules in creative writing, which knowing my luck will both be on friday mornings or clash with all of the above, and then the double independent studies module. i'm considering doing my dissertation on the phenomenon of fanfiction, assuming i can find a lecturer willing to assess it. i'm thinking probably dave ellis since one of his 'specialities' is youth sub culture, and that's probably as close as i'm going to get ;) (i wanted to do sunset film/musical/other comparisons, but then i'll end up with either scary sam kasule or the brottman, and just... no. besides, i'm realising there's just far too many stage versions, only one of which i've ever seen, and it would take rather a lot of research...)

and the scary careers man came again with more information. see, the thing is, i do know what i want to do. it's the same thing i wanted to do when i was seven years old, and that's write. unfortunately it's no longer a case of what i want to do, and more a case of what i need to do. well, at least i have a versatile degree...
Photo - leaves

whee! horribly complicated html that actually works!!

two things...

1) free plug, for eve's coursework: click here and give her feedback, if you would. besides which, i hosted it and fixed it and helped upload, so i might as well plug it, too ;)

2) aforementioned hideously complicated html thingy. quite possibly the bizarrest thing you'll see in a while - but some pointers first: it won't work in netscape (which serves you right for using it :P) and you need to be 1024x768 resolution to get the full effect (my computer is being an arse at the moment and won't actually let me get the full effect...) but anyway. it's also not finished... but weird, huh?
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