May 10th, 2003

Photo - leaves


am learning to dread work less, which is definitely a good thing. tonight's fun included having one of the other girls hurling random things at me (the foil top of a wine bottle and a beer cloth), me dropping a (luckily empty) wine bottle, and stealing swigs of a wrongly-pulled pint of grolsch in the glass room. turns out i like grolsch. who knew?

oh, and fun pre-shift - got a lift off stephen today, and thought i knew the route. hah, did i frell. completely managed to miss the turning for derby road and ended up about four miles too far, thus hitting the derby by-pass (it's a long way away...) and having to turn around. but i managed to get there on time, anyway. and i got let off early since one of the other girls was driving that way, so i'm home before 1.30. yay!

'nother shift tomorrow. i told him i was going to a wedding next weekend (the con :D) down in london. well... it's... almost similar... (and even if it wasn't the con, i couldn't have done friday since that's may ball, and i'd either be working at it, or going to it.)

*realises* bloody 'ell! the con's next week! and i once again have no costume. considering either the intendent because it's easy, or holly (by buying a blonde wig and wearing black.) although i may just give up entirely and go as a generalised geekzone of character teeshirts...