May 11th, 2003

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yet another oh-so-interesting work-related post ;)

tonight it went amazingly quickly. i'm actually starting to get on with members of staff and punters (and hey, this is me we're talking about, little miss antisocial) - the agency girl, gemma, in particular, is funny as hell. she was stalking one of the customers.

i have a box of sandwiches. there was a wedding reception going on upstairs so we were just helping ourselves to whatever's left. now, there's no more tuna or egg mayo ;) which was just as well, seeing as i had, literally, soup for dinner before i left.

conversation with clive (the boss) in the car on the way back - he'd noticed that these past two nights i've suddenly gotten good at this (or, at least, a lot better) - which i realised was utterly unconscious. suddenly, i'm just able to remember things and banter and take initiative, which scares me, but i think it came in the nick of time. i explained very briefly about the whole occupational therapy thing, and how it's taken me this long to rebuild all the confidence i lost when it all went to pot two years ago. but anyway, that was nice. now if i can just keep it up...

i am, however, exhausted...
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    beautiful south songs going around my head. he's played that album two nights running ;)
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Photo - leaves

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whyyyy do illiterate/stupid people offer to beta for others? why? why must they create more pain?

a review: "good start be more proper or get a beta!!if u need one my e-mail is [omitted] make the subject beta please so i wont delete it!!" - in response to this fic...

i despair.