May 13th, 2003

Photo - leaves


in response to her and sweet's challenge set in manchester, upon seeing a palm-reading man in a little hut in the market place, we have...

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it's very odd and doesn't really go anywhere - it's meant to be a sort of tie-in for all my today's forecast... stories, but it didn't work very well. nevertheless, at least i got it done, eh, sweet? ;)
Photo - leaves

more phantom rantings.

latest news/rumour on the POTO movie...

director is to be joel schumacher. anyone tell me what he's done? i saw a time to kill last night and found it fairly non-descript, direction-wise, but then i wasn't really paying attention. i just want to know what i'm letting myself in for.

they want a 'young' phantom. *heavy sigh* someone's been reading phantom of manhattan, by the sounds of things. hence, there's now all sorts of other horrible possibilities going around for the casting of erik, and i think the banderas is still in the innings... what worries me even more is that andrew lloyd webber has the final word - or so it seems - on most of the casting, and he's displaying a horrible tendency of late of having no talent-spotting ability whatsoever...

see, now, i'd be perfectly happy to have ewan mcgregor as raoul. i'm ever more certain he'd be perfect for the role, after moulin rouge (christian practically is raoul, although infinitely less annoying.) unfortunately, nobody else seems to have figured this out, and he's busy filming random things with renee zelwegger and big fish with tim burton (the new film - look out for it!) so i don't think i'm going to get my ewan-raoul... :(

one of the biggest problems has been the casting of christine. sarah brightman is too old. other possibilities, as far as i can remember, were andrea corr and jessica simpson - although both of those seem to have gone away now - and andrew lloyd webber just couldn't find his christine. cue lots of phangirls jumping up and down waving their arms around, saying "pick me, pick me!" - one day they'll learn that the phans probably know the inner workings of the characters better than any random actor/actress who's new to the part... anyway, i digress. the latest choice? charlotte church... apparently, he told her to lose weight (i think she told him, in no uncertain terms, to sod off) but dear god. has anyone heard her lately? she's burning out, slowly but surely, she sounds nothing like christine, and i'm pretty sure her welsh accent is too strong to get rid of (okay, the joys of overdubbing, but then what's the point?) aside from that, just... no! my hatred for charlotte church is no secret - i used to admire her when she was, like, 13, but even then she was just too weird to ever appreciate - but no matter how good she used to be, she's not good now because her voice still sounds as forced as it did when she first started, and by now, she should at least be able to sing naturally and without that hideous forced vibrato.

jesus frelling christ, these people are morons. they're turning away all the true fans - who would probably have seen this no matter what - in a bid to get punters. obviously, they haven't realised there's a whole tonne of phantom phans out there that would have filled the cinemas and the box office with multiple viewings, but no, they have to pull in the everyman off the street (and after mouin rouge and, alas, chicago, its being a musical will now stand in its favour) who probably would never have even considered seeing the show on stage. (and i still worry that this movie getting made may provoke lloyd webber to stop the london run - which would make him a Very Stupid Person and me incredibly upset, and a lot of other people i can think of, too.)


for the sake of my sanity, stop this movie!

and on a slightly related note, jeremy for phantom! when he's older. either that or valjean. maybe both... ;)

anyway. on that ranty note, i shall now go out for bread and the manchester photos, if they've bloody well got them back yet...
Photo - leaves

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huzzah! i finally have the photos, two weeks and £4.99 later... and they're still not even 6 x 4. ah well... such are the joys of photoshop...

okay, got sidetracked. latest email buddy from georgia sent me sunset fic. am now gibbering angst-induced wreck.

anyway. photos. scannage. yes. it'll probably repeatedly crash and make my whimpering into muttering...

right. so. had to reinstall the scanner, but they're done. crappy quality, but i think that adds to the charm, don't you?