May 26th, 2003

Photo - leaves


i am now the proud new owner of a paid journal. this is for several reasons...

1) sooner or later there are going to be no modifications allowed for free users, which'll just be annoying.

2) faster servers

3) i can do extra links, when i figure out how

4) snazzy new username:

5) friends of my friends!

6) 12 nice new creation codes.

7) which means i will soon be creating a community which you must all join...

8) more icons

9) more daily posts

10) other things i'm bound to discover sooner or later...

11) a wonderful feeling of superiority :)

so yay! nobody complain, please, it's only costing me about £2.00 a month... i shall feed capitalism if i want to...
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Photo - leaves


thanks to her, we have another dollmaker (which i seem to recall stumbling across once before, but anyway) and now, we have this:

Collapse )

*evil smile* you'll be glad to know there's only room for three more pictures at villagephotos ;)