June 1st, 2003

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oh, and a question.

in reference to the link just posted, because now i'm just paranoid and mightily pissed off and should be in bed... but is the lack of capitalisation in my journal annoying and you're all too polite to mention it?

'cause i'll happily type properly if i'm a bane to anyone's existence because of it.

*resists overwhelming urge to rant until 5am* it. is. not. worth. it.

*deep breath*

but seriously. is it annoying?
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several interesting things that happened last night, although it was so busy everything's kind of merged...

1) there was 6 of us on, spread over two bars. we were all rushed off our feet.

2) we ran out of glasses. literally. people were asking for wine glasses and there were none clean or even being washed. bloody parties of people having meals :P

3) conversation with a couple of the regulars who were sitting outside while i was collecting glasses from the picnic tables. i was wearing my old velvet skirt, the long one with the knee-high spilts in the side. anyway.

them: hello, what are you doing out here? who let you out?
me: i've come for some fresh air. and to get the glasses. i proceed to wander off to get said glasses, leaving going back and forth to save having to carry the tray around. they watch me. what are you looking at?
them: come here... i knew what was coming... put your foot on there. my foot goes on the bench. that's what we're looking at. dirty old men ;) so off i go again to get more glasses. come back!
me: are you going to tip me if i do? yes! score one for me!

*giggles* so that was amusing. another regular then called me miss world for no apparent reason. nothing like being a barmaid to up your self-esteem.

4) random person i was serving suddenly said, "do you sing in derby choral union?" - it was a member. small world :)

that's about it. i did get bought a drink at the end of a round, though. not only was it full, but it went very slowly. at one point i checked my watch after what felt like 5 hours and realised it was only 9.45. so needless to say i was very tired, but at least i didn't make any mistakes today, or drop anything. oh! and both of the bloody soft drinks pumps on the well bar were producing flat drinks. helpful.

that's about it.
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i've just moved all my images to speedis dot org which is free and has unlimited space. hurrah.

naomi (or sarra), if you could check the fahrbot FTP thing and the 'bex' folder to see if there's anything else in there i've missed. or just send me a list/screencap. i think i got most of them.