June 3rd, 2003

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in revising and discovering something i meant to show everyone weeks ago...

an essay, for essays and case studies, from a huge selection that i have to read. anyway, when we read this one in class, i was the only person in the room who understood what the author was getting at. and i thought i'd post it here for your interest, to see if it's really that difficult a concept to understand for non-writers and writers alike. (and by 'writer', i'm including anyone who writes anything, and that includes academic essays, fiction, fanfiction, prose, poetry, whatever you like...)

all and any typos are probably mine...

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ow. typed in about 5 minutes. i'm good ;)

anyway, what she's saying (in the middle, anyway) is that a writer has two personas - himself/herself, and the writer. essentially, oneself and one's muse, to put it in artistic terms. and it took the lecturer a good ten minutes to try and explain this concept (in terms of self and other, to put the post-modern stance on it) before people even vaguely understood, while i was sitting there, nodding, going "yup..."

anyone else having trouble with the concept? anyone else like me sitting there understanding completely that a writer is not just a single person, but a combination of itself and its ideas? that the writer and the written don't necessarily coincide, and that it can be a real effort to get back out of that writing position?

discuss :)