June 11th, 2003

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buffy and sunset boulevard...

well, today, i went to MAC to see "sunset boulevard" on the big(ish) screen, with aisha. it was very cool; i got to recount the jeremystory all over again (always fun, and at least aisha's interested) and also discuss shipper theories after the movie. and things noticed this time:

1) when joe awakens that first morning in the room over the garage, surrounded by strewn-about scraps of screenplay, the page three sheets back is exactly the same as the page on the top of the pile on top of him. cheapskates :)

2) norma leaning on her knee when she first lets him read the script. dunno why, it just seemed more noticable and significant. mannerisms help my characterisation even if i do mostly follow the faith/jeremy performances. occasionally, i check back with the originals.

3) the fact that he actually says "happy new year, norma" and not just "happy new year" - somehow, i'd always managed to miss that.

4) norma's charlie chaplin impression. she did, i realise now, steal max's jacket, that he was wearing. the act is not shown, but on close scrutiny it is not only obviously his jacket (pale trim on the edge of the collar, and general size and shape compared to norma), but when he comes in to inform her about paramount calling, he's not wearing a jacket. max always wears a jacket. and so i spent the next five minutes or so trying to stop my muse from making me fic the sodding thing.

5) little details - the cigarette case and lighter she gives him actually come in a little presentation box, and that's what she hands to him. joe rolling up the dollar bill she gives him to get her cigarettes (not sure of the significance, but, again, mannerisms...) and then handing it back to her like that. max shushing him when they find out about gordon cole wanting to hire her car, as she re-emerges from stage 18. and many other little things. also, extending from the spinning-the-lighter moment, the look on his face when it stops spinning is dying for analysis. new task for when i'm back with the video...

so, yes. it was fabulous and wonderful. and brought back memories of the show, for some reason, or, at least, of all the various little differences in the character portrayals.

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finale tomorrow night. prepare for my being a complete wreck, no matter what happens. and prepare for much fic.

fingers ache now.