July 2nd, 2003

Photo - leaves

weird subconscious ramblings from this morning.

had a very bizarre dream last night (well, several, actually...) - i was in my room, or, at least, in a room, and was struck by the sudden realisation that it was june 6th. and then remembered that on that day, i was meant to have taken a couple of exams. cue panic attack. and then i thought it wasn't too bad because my final one was on june 7th, and then remembered that it was actually on june 5th, and panicked some more.

i vaguely remember either waking up, or waking up in the dream itself, but whichever it was, i couldn't open my eyes, and gave up. possibly this was actually me waking up since i then vehemently told my brain that i'd taken my 3 exams and should hence stop panicking...

i vaguely recall actually waking up and then deciding to give the spikemuse a chance to dream, which, in my semi-conscious state, was a perfectly valid thing to think.

most bizarre...