July 6th, 2003

Photo - leaves

and we go around again...

so, how can you tell it's summer? i start ranting at length about my adventures with my father and The Grandmother. oy. possibly i should've done this particular rant before i'd had a nap (proof in itself of just how exhausting these visits are...) since i've somewhat lost the momentum for it now.

anyway, it wasn't as bad as some of the previous ones - i was just far too tired to be coping with them today and, hence, more snarky than usual. it was somewhat redeemed by the fact that i got to tell the jeremy story again. i wonder how many people i've got left to tell that to?

the only discernibly eye-rolling moment happened in the car on the way back. we were stuck behind a private-hire cab (a big silver people-carrier) who wasn't indicating - such does the handbook of private cab drivers read - and when my father commented on this, she says: "maybe he doesn't know how to. was it a foreigner?" - *sigh* i mean, does she think they don't have cars? anywhere in the world?

other than that, it was the usual inane comments.

i got to thinking just before my nap, however, while my tired mind attempted to make sense of the annoyed ranting voices going through it (i've mellowed considerably since) and i ended up getting incredibly annoyed about the fact that pretty much because of her, i've not seen my uncle in over three years, perhaps more. whatever he did (it's a long story and one day i'll get someone to write everything down) he didn't do it to me and i'd quite like to get back in touch, but it's probably not going to happen. i actually missed him for the first time since i can remember: his silly voices, his strops, the way he smelt of pianos and storerooms... anyway, maybe i'll actually get to see him one of these days, even if means camping out at my grandmother's til he appears. the stupid thing is, she got the brunt of everything, but still takes him back.

my family are insane; how about yours?

right, so, why was i so tired? well, i was helping out at harborne golf club last night and friday night because it was the summer ball. it's nowhere near as busy as the coopers (which - and i never thought i'd say this - i rather miss working at) but mum and i were in charge of the pimms table - they were having pimms and lemonade as they arrived, complete with a mint leaf, orange and lemon slices (cut by us the night before) and cucumber to weigh down the umbrellas - which meant i was running back and forth filling up the jugs. 14 pints of lemonade and 7 bottles of pimms later, they were finally serving the food.

i tried the pimms later, by the way. it's very, very bizarre. was also good since the house chairman decided to get two rounds of drinks in for the bar and kitchen staff (it's a very exclusive club full of people with more money than sense) so i had a vodka and orange and a vodka and coke and then the end of a bottle of red wine in the course of the night...

so, come midnight, aforesaid house chairman suddenly decides the bar'll be open for another hour, even though we weren't informed of this. by 1.30, we'd finally got rid of them all; it was 2am by the time everything was cleared away, and then we sat and had a conversation with anna til about 2.30. it was 2.45 when we got home. hence, tired.

however, i'm getting paid for:

friday 17.00 - 23.30
saturday 18.00 - 02.30

which is about £42.00. which, considering that harverster haven't gotten back to me yet, is just as well.