July 8th, 2003

Photo - leaves

well, that calmed me down marginally...

fanfic.net is still broken, the bastards. but i did finally manage to find a decent screencap from "empty places" (episode 7.19 of buffy) with which to make myself a new Collapse )

because, yes, i am a geek, and yes, my hormones are taking over. but seriously, when i saw that shot for the first time whilst watching properly, i knew it had to be turned into something. the placement is wonderful. (if you're wondering about the green-ness, i was trying to match it to the colours of the madonna statue, but it didn't really work... i'd make sounds, but i can't be arsed, and i think "rest in peace" soundbites'll ruin it...)

so that's mellowed me a little. only a little. i still want to post my fic and can't, which is annoying. bah.