July 14th, 2003

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pop psychology, anyone?

there's definitely something about this house in the summer that makes my subconsious do bizarre things. last year, i was plagued by random buffy dreams, james marsters/spike-centric dreams, various sunsetty things... and this year it's buffy again and, for some reason, gemma.

but i'm getting ahead of myself. the dream last night began with me going off to SFX's third event (which isn't even organised or detailed yet), which was, for some reason, being held overseas, presumably america somewhere. and, of course, the guests were all must-see and i was having to fly over there by myself. i remember being on a coach that was taking me to luton (which is very much like a dream i had the other week where i was trying to get somewhere in london so i could get back to birmingham new street, and then i was trying to drive this huge jeep, getting it petrol by putting pound coins in to the value of however much you needed - and derek was driving another car next to me and i was warning him that i wasn't very good, at which point i hit another car. see what i mean?)

i digress. coach taking me to luton. i got to luton, and i had my shawn the sheep bag, and nearly forgot my case. i got on the plane - this was familiar, for some reason. i think i've dreamed about the airport before, even though i've never been to luton in my life, and i remember that i was getting very confused because they wanted me to pay for the ticket to the con despite the fact i'd already ordered it. it was confusing, bu anyway, they let me through the gates.

i was in a large crowd of people, and then the aeroplane seemed to turn into some large kind of auditorium (which, again, was very familiar from another dream, only this time it was made of concrete and had an entirely new level to it) that we were filing into. it was, however, still apparently the plane. i went down the lower level and sat down - from the general chatter around me, it turned out i was in the front row for a snoop doggy dog concert later (meh?) and once we were seated, we weren't allowed to move again until the plane was moving. then, from my seat, i did espy some people i knew - rachel (who later became aisha), and gemma. (and i've just realised most of you probably don't remember who gemma is, except possibly lorna, who may remember her. unhand me, squire! might ring some bells. she was the narrator.)

the person who was apparently in charge allowed me to go and sit with them. then the next thing we were trying to do this bizarre dance.

and then, it got surreal. it turned into some bizarre adventure movie, or something. apparently, there was an abandoned hangar that had some kind of gang in there (most of whom, i recall, seemed to be drag queens...) and then the main character of the movie was going down there to talk them around to a different point of view. and then just as he had (don't ask me how. it made perfect sense at the time, but the pink mucus hand cream... that's beyond me) one of the gang - a gangly african kid, i think - opened the hangar doors, to see a plane about to crash into them. everyone scarpered, up the ladder, and onto the roof, as the plane continues to crash. then the 'hero' character lit a match and dropped it into some part of the plane, which caused it to stop. then there was something technical about why.

and then i woke up.

so it was bizarre. but i am getting increasingly worried about why gemma keeps appearing in my dreams. she was in one i had the other day, too, very briefly.

anyway. was meant to go to the doctor today, but it's too bloody hot, and it's making me tired despite the fact i was up at a reasonable time. blah.
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