July 18th, 2003

Photo - leaves

"i'm not going to think about that now. i'll think about that tomorrow."

any self-respecting film buff will instantly recognise the subject-line quote. yup, i finally got around to watching gone with the wind. i've been intending to do so for quite a while, now, but seeing as the damn thing's 3 hours and 40 minutes long, i could never find the time. well, since i now have a feasible excuse to sit on my butt and watch videos all day (although i guess i could do some sewing or something, of the hand and machine variety) i thought, 'what the heck?'

so, some observations:

1) the theme. everyone knows the opening theme to GWTW, even if they've never seen it. i'll wager it's probably played every oscar night at some point, or just on any decent film documentary. (on that note, everyone knows the theme to twin peaks, too, but that's just odd...)

2) scarlett o'hara. is it wrong that she annoyed me intensely from the very first scene? or is that the entire point? anyway, she grew on me, momentarily, in the middle, when she was trying to rebuild the plantation from nothing... only then she annoyed me again. damn fickle girl... (i won't give away the entire plot, in case anyone hasn't seen it and is planning to; i don't want to be accused of spoiling.)

3) quotes: oh, so many! it's like every quote in the movie-quotes book is from GWTW! (and casablanca, which is also on the list...) let's see how many i remember...

"i'm not going to think about that, now. i'll think about that tomorrow." - said three times (i think) by scarlett. i think it sums me up quite well, don't you?

"i don't know nothing about birthin' babies!" - prissy (i think that's her name)

"that's what's wrong with you: you need to be kissed badly, and often, by someone who knows how." - rhett butler, to scarlett. gotta love a good quote :)

"as god as my witness, i'll never be hungry again!" - scarlett, at the end of 'act one' (our copy of the video has the overture, intermission, entr'acte, and end music on it. very cool.) for some reason, i already knew this one, but i don't know why...

"frankly, my dear, i don't give a damn!" - well, duh. everyone knows that one :)

"after all... tomorrow is another day..." - the closing words.

so that's a plethora of quotes, off the top of my head. i'm sure there're more, but that'll do for now.

4) the book: i plan to read it. and this time, i know i have a copy of it, because i've been intrigued by it for years...

5) all the way through, all i could hear in my head was that line from sunset boulevard by sheldrake: "i said, who wants to see a civil war picture...?" tee hee. and what a picture. i mean, seriously. as if the inner movie geek would let me get away with not liking it... the visuals are gorgeous (especially the silhouetted scenes against the war-torn sky - if i ever get it on DVD i'm going to have to do something with those shots.) and the colours are as fantastic as if it had been made today. i mean, 1939! it's wonderful. (as is the wizard of oz, for the same reason...)

6) sweeterthing said to me a while ago, during a conversation about such things, that GWTW could be ficced forever. and oddly enough, considering this is me and my inner shipper is insatiable, i can think of nothing i'd want to fic. although i said that about sunset and now look... okay, it's more like i don't have the urge to fic it, in any way - if i did, it would be some sort of sequel, and that's been done already (we have the book...) i think it's because, generally, scarlett annoyed me (but not as much as her bratty sister), and mellie and ashley aren't that... interesting... although, all right, i admit it, nautica was rooting for scarlett/rhett, but that's just ingrained because i already knew...

i'm rambling. enough.

all in all, frelling fantastic movie, which i'm very glad i finally got to see. my list is going down; this is a good thing :)

in other news:

i have perfected a manner of walking using one crutch and my good leg, since hopping about was starting to make said good leg ache something chronic. i feel rather like a pirate.

i finally finished part seven of 'sweet intoxication' (phantom phic) and - of course - fanfic.net is broken, again! grrr...

i've been working through season one of the x-files and my god, they both look so young! and i remembered that i re-wrote the pilot and jersey devil really badly when i was 14 and now i have to find them... (and scarily, i can still remember which episodes were even remotely shippy - in the UST kinda way rather than actual shippiness, although i saw irresistible on sky the other day, and that was the actual moment i became a shipper - and the funny bits still make me giggle. there's just something about scully saying "they're heeere!" like the kid in poltergeist...)