July 21st, 2003

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and, before i forget again.

i'll direct sweeterthing at this post when she's back from whatever sunny plains she's currently invading. for now, i'm just writing it down so i don't forget it.

watched breakfast at tiffany's today (again) since it was on living and there was nothing else on after 'stenders (*ahem*)

the last time i watched it, i was still somewhat in what i now call 'yeesunset!' mode, which usually happens right after seeing the movie, listening to the soundtrack, or having a conversation with allan (lucky for me, i haven't spoken to him, or visited his message board, for a while. yay me, preserving my sanity...) and when i'm in yeesunset! mode, the sunsetMuses start chattering at me while i'm watching other things, especially other movies of a similar time period. and breakfast at tiffany's was no exception. but i'll explain that idea in a moment...

the other idea i'm bound to forget sooner ;) i have an email buddy from georgia called jenny, who has read practically all of my sunsetfic (or at least, the stuff i allow the general public to be subjected to; some of the hand-written fluff is staying in the folder, thank you, because it terrifies even me on occasion...) and who i am prodding occasionally to write me fic in return. it's taken me long enough, but i've finally found another sunsetficcer! anyway, the latest thing she sent me was a short angst piece set after the movie in the actual timeline (as opposed to the had-joe-survived timeline that i favour...), norma-POV, when she's in her nice padded room, believing she's waiting for filming to start. it was very cool, to say the least.

but my brain being what it is, and it thinking constantly in the had-joe-survived timeline by default these days, i started thinking how very cool it would be if he had survived, but she'd still been taken away... because (and this is very much a topic the fans are divided over, but i'm not in such a small minority as i thought) i believe that no matter what happened, had betty not come along, joe could have loved norma. yeah, so the live show proved that a heck of a lot more, but even so... anyway, i just had this vision of him trying to help max appeal to get her out of there... maybe visiting her... would be rather cool.

i tell ya. if there's potential for fluffangst, i'm there. *rolls eyes*

back to breakfast at tiffany's. it helps if you've seen it, but only on visuals and characters. reading the book won't help, really, since it bears very little resemblance to the film (for once, i actually prefer the film; i've found the book completely unreadable both times i've tried.) naturally, when i watched it the first time, my brain connected it to sunset through the main male character, paul varjak, because he and joe're actually very similar. and then it developed at a rate of knots into a completely random, bizarre, but oddly plausible idea...

BAT is set (i presume) in 1961 or possibly late 1950s. it was made in '61, at the very least. it's hard to tell from the costumes since holly golightly's always dressed to the nines and looks very 30s movie-star-ish in the main; there is mention of her cousin (or friend) doing script work for television, which helps with the placement, and there's paul's typewriter. i'll research it eventually, or ask someone who knows (sweet, when you're back - might your father know?) so, anyway, i'm rambling. the idea.

going back to that: BAT - 1961 (we'll assume) and SB - 1949/50. if we use my characterisation of joe (because, hey, if i write this, it'll be my fic :P) - i made him turning 31 in 1950, so he'd be, oh, 40ish come the 60s, but that's not really important. 'suspension of disbelief' comes into this a lot. okay. so as i said, i've got my 'had-joe-survived' timeline, that the entire of my sunsetfic is based on (and it spreads over a period of about 3 years, more or less, but i can ignore that.) in BAT, there is a very odd character, whose name escapes me - paul's decorator/lady-friend/not-quite-lover. she's not mentioned in the book and seems to be entirely a film creation. i'm probably wrong, but she's always seemed older than him to me. essentially, with my brain having already made the joe-gillis link, that's where this idea came from. and i realise i have yet to explain the idea. it makes perfect sense in my head, naturally...

all right. we'll start with my had-joe-survived timeline, whereby it's all happy happy with norma afterwards because nautica will hurt me if it's not. that much is a given. by the nature of norma's volatile personality, despite what i keep telling myself, it would never last... or it only would if joe was strong enough to cope, which i really doubt he is. so here's a scenario for you. for whatever reason, it's all over, about 5 or so years after it began. either norma takes a suicide attempt too far and succeeds, or makes him leave for his own good... whichever, it's all over, and he's still in love with her. (he's not getting off lightly. nope. he's way too easy to torture.)

consider US geography. los angeles is the opposite side of the country to new york. it makes sense that he'd want to get as far from that life as possible, so new york's a logical option. and we're already in BAT-country.

so, he's out of LA. makes sense he'd want to change his name, too, to forget the past. farewell, joe gillis, hello, paul varjak. (remember that suspension of disbelief i mentioned...?)

there's a comment in BAT that he's been working on a novel since 1956 - that could be the year he ends up in NY. writing. catharsis. whatever. same difference.

enter the woman whose name i fail to remember on a regular basis... his decorator/whatever. what made that whole thing even weirder was the fact that she was paying him... so maybe she's his agent? oh, frell knows. it's never explained and it's driving me mad, but it fits my cause perfectly. filling the norma-shaped void... are you with me?

add to this the fact that i have a very paul-or-joe-esque line going around my head right now, in reference to her: "i knew she was in love with me, of course. and wasn't that a familiar story?"

and then, friends, enter ms. holly golightly. the sunset-link continues - holly/lula-may was taken from her native texas, taught to elocute (? - i'm tired, here...) properly, and was destined to be a movie star.. before deciding she wanted to be in new york. the coincidences just keep on coming. it's fabulous. because wouldn't it be so gloriously ironic for him to fall in love with a movie star all over again? even if she's not technically an 'active' one?

oh! and more! there's the bit where she says he reminds her of her brother fred. she asks if he minds if she calls him 'fred', and he says something like "why not?" - but the way he says it (although it may be me projecting...) is almost like "what the heck, i'm not even technically paul varjak..."

i feel almost treacherous, pairing off holly with joe gillis. but my god, it works. if only i could write it and make it convincing enough...

okay. i'm holding billy wilder personally responsible for this. mainly because he wrote sunset, and also because i think i've blamed jeremy enough ;)

that's it. i'll probably never write it, but i wanted to vent it nonetheless... i'll go read some buffy/spike fic and shut up, now :)
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*cautiously flexes toeses*

well, i'm out of plaster. the doctor had a look at the foot today; apparently, the fracture has rounded edges, not sharp ones, and he thinks it's an old fracture (heh. i'm going to sue miss todd. i'm sure it was that time in year 10 when i twisted it...) anyway, i have to keep it elevated and not put any weight on it for two weeks, when i'm going back in for another checkup.

of course, not putting any weight on it is going to be very tricky considering we have a three storey house that comprises a lot of stairs. ah well. at least i can vaguely walk, now.

and i'm meant to be seeing rachel et al on wednesday, but i'm trying to get out of it. meh.