July 22nd, 2003

Photo - leaves

pretty pictures.

got a random phonecall from sweeterthing this evening, which was a pleasant surprise. she phoned to ask how my foot was, and it developed into a lengthy conversation about movies, writing, and the x-files. naturally...

anyway, during the conversation, i was reminded that i was going to scan some pictures from a book, recently bought, entitled atget's paris. it's a collection of photographs taken by eugène atget at the turn of the last century, mostly of paris, some of the outskirts of the city, and a few interiors. i've selected nine particularly wow-worthy ones and scanned them.

sweet, your challenge: pick a photo, any photo, and write me something.

without further ado, the gorgeousness awaits...

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so, there we have it. a selection of 9 pretty pictures. there are more, but my scanner was being temperamental as it was and i didn't want to risk a crash losing them all. first time i skimmed through the book (i haven't read the blurb on the photographer as of yet, but i imagine he was quite famous at the time) i sat there practically drooling, just saying "oh... wow...", and even the lack of opéra photos couldn't stop the euphoria (since the moulin rouge provided some obsession value to it)

i want to live in early 20th century paris. would someone care to build me a time machine?