July 23rd, 2003

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okay. enough is enough.

now, the spike-centric dreams i can understand and accept perfectly happily. the spike/willow-esque one that was the provocation to start 'cradle', i can understand, almost. the gemma-appearing dreams are confusing the hell out of me. but this just takes the biscuit.

last night's offering was buffy-centred, i suppose. it entailed me being driven somewhere (i think it was choir, or something) along a very long road - the route was walkable, but along a very busy road and took about an hour - but that was just something i vaguely remember. the most part of the dream was about fanfic... i think. it had the general feeling of being fanfic, anyway.

there was a particular fic that the dream centred around. i'd filtered the buffy section of fanfic.net (as usual) by buffy/spike. there was a random fic thrown in there by someone who, to quote lloyd, was 'venomatly' anti-spuffy (you either love 'em or hate 'em...) and had posted their fic in there to annoy us. clicking away innocently, we all read it.

it turned out to be buffy/willow-centric. but it was so incredibly well-written that the authoress had managed to convert, or, at least, convince, the readers that buffy/willow was completely fabulous. except, this being my brain, and therefore being sporadic, i didn't so much read it as see it. maybe it was a fan-movie, or something. (no. i don't remember details. :P) i remember leaving a very impressed and gushy review along the lines of "wow, seriously. i'm convinced!"

then there was a very bizarre section whereby i'd been driven to wherever it was i was being driven to, and the authoress was there, and i congratulated her in person. she turned out to be a complete bitch (actually, she was rather faith-esque, only she was blonde, i think, and actually more bitchy) and we had a long argument about respecting your public and accepting praise when it was given. i stormed out, two hours before i was meant to be picked up, and started the long walk home...

random other bits come back to me... i remember a section with giles knocking annoyedly on the door and buffy and willow just ignoring him. *giggles* and i remember there was a general feeling that was like a combination of season 7 buffy/spike and willow/tara, combined, which i suppose makes sense... and i think it all took place in some kind of cabin... or, no! it was a boat! made of dark wood! because then there was another bit that was (apparently) x-files, where one of mulder's, um, exes turned up. i think. and she was familiar for some reason, but now i can't remember who she was...

i woke up semi-convinced i was a buffy/willow-er...

hm. odds i'll get bored later and go off in search of b/w fic? gah...
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