August 1st, 2003

Photo - leaves

"we're going where the sun shines brightly..."

...all. frelling. day.

well, more or less...

today, having decided that if she spends one more minute in this house/city/country/continent she will go insane, my mother decided to screw the finances and book us a holiday. so, as of august 12th, we will be in crete. rethymnon, to be exact, which sounds very nice and quiet and has a long beach that i will collapse on for 7 days.

so, yes. i shall be absent for a week, so kindly refrain from being interesting during that period.

things i must remember:

1) phone angela on or before the 8th, for she will be 25, and there must be jubilations.
2) in doing so, attempt to get her to abandon being a lawyer and go out for a drink.
3) buy card for angela.
4) buy card for mother.
5) buy card for lorna.
6) sort out livejournal thing. (deliberate crypticism.)
7) decide whether or not to get miss saigon soundtrack before seeing show on august 11th. (yes, we're flying out the night after...)
8) tidy room
9) possibly rearrange room, although this is unlikely.
10) make eye appointment to get new glasses
11) make hair appointment
12) dye hair

i think that's most of it. oh, and

13) write letter for katie-in-iowa, who is now katie-in-minnesota because she's moving out of her parents' house... she is, however, going to be without internet access (rather her than me. i'd be trying to find the nearest net-cafe already.) so we're going to be Proper Pen Pals and write each other letters. that last time i had a pen pal we ended up in a war to see who could ramble on for the longest amount of paper. i won, with 20 sides typed and 25 hand written (front and back!) at which point, a-levels started and we gave up. it was a fantastic summer, though. i will always associate the summer of 1998 with writing letters to jenn, and being hideously obsessed with the x-files (it was the year of the movie, and we were crazy) and phantom. ah. happy memories...

and, on that randomly nostalgic tangent, i leave you...