August 11th, 2003

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obligatory theatre trip write-up

it'll be the first of these in a long time that doesn't mention a) jeremy or b) my various angsts. tonight, we saw miss saigon, purely because everyone's always talking about it and it's just one of those Things You Have To See.

and seriously, you have to see it! i'll tell all i can here without spoiling those who wish or plan to see it while it's touring, or at all. so.

the set is frelling amazing, especially considering it's a touring production. (compared to the staircase and, um, cardboard that comprised sunset's set, which, don't get me wrong, was wonderful in its own unique way...) i must mention the Helicopter, because everyone who's seen this tour has. the Helicopter rocks. attach cameron mackintosh's name to something, and expect fantastic sets. that's just the way it is.

costumes: they'd make rocky horror proud ;) well, at the beginning, anyway. there were some rather fabulous shoes...

songs: only a few are well-known outside of the show itself, the most common being "the movie in my mind", which tends to appear on the various compilation albums that are knocking around. lesser known is "the american dream" and another one whose name escapes me right now, but one of the chris/kim duets (the first one), both of which appeared on the cameron mackintosh "hey, mr producer!" video in various forms. i digress. i'm surprised there aren't more songs that are well-known, compared with how many are popular from les misérables ("on my own", "i dreamed a dream", "bring him home" and "empty chairs at empty tables", for a start...) since there's quite a few hummable pieces in it. anyway, the soundtrack is now bought, will be duly copied tomorrow, and taken off to crete with me so i can learn it.

oh, if i start writing saigon-fic, you have my permission to shoot me. ditto if i start stalking someone again. which leads me nicely onto:

the talent: entire cast very good, main cast superb, and, as always, there's just one cast member that steals the show - the guy playing 'the engineer' was wonderful. so funny...

so, yes, highly recommended indeed. not sure where this tour ends since it started in manchester, but when i find out, there might be another road-trip involved. sweet, eve, lloyd - up for it?

anyway, this'll be the last post for a while (not that i've been exactly regular of late) since i'm going off to crete tomorrow evening, and returning at some point on the 20th. having just bought a notebook to take with me, i hope to god my muses frelling wake up... although i guess i could do another holiday diary like i did in kefalonia.

greece is the birthplace of the original muses. you never know what might happen.

i was going to rant about the irritating thing my grandmother did, but the thing in question is downstairs and i'm too lazy to fetch it, so it'll have to wait, if i even remember. and now i'm tired, so i shall go to bed.
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