August 21st, 2003

Photo - leaves


and have a drenload of community posts to wade through.

why must people post so much?

i attempted to do a cretan travellogue in my little notebook, but got as far as one entry saying how knackered i was, along with a bit of sunset-fic and some inspiration for buffyfic. which is good, i suppose.

will post my further learnings of the greek alphabet later... who says a holiday can't be educational...?

oh, and in other news:

happy birthday, lorna! we have to meet up so you can be given your present and things...

just got a very random phonecall off alison, who i haven't seen since before a-levels. we're meeting up on saturday :D i'll take the digital camera and take peectures.

talking of which, i'll upload the holiday photos and possibly show a few that don't make me look like a beached whale...
Photo - leaves

vaguely poetic (or not) ramblings that circled my head during my week in crete, for your enjoyment.

that, and some ambitions, most of which are completely impossible...

The Ramblings

~ Seven sunsets over Cretan mountains, wondering why it takes so long to traverse the sky and only seconds to crash into the sea. The purple-pink-orange-blue of the aftermath always seems more beautiful.

~I watched a boy building a river in unbearable heat, and wished to live by the ocean, again.

~ Waiting for sunrise at thirty-thousand-feet, and watching as the world grew bright from sunlight struggling to peek over the edge of the earth.

(And, for the possible Buffy-fic, amongst others...)

~ "Not allowed to scream, not allowed to cry, even though Xander's missing an eye..." - which occurred to me randomly while suddenly remembering that lovely moment between Xander and Willow at the hospital, after the Caleb-incident in "Get It Done" (I think) - although I may not actually write the Willow-fic, it seemed like it would be something random she might think. Based, of course, on the rhyme in "Hush"...

~ She'll bare her soul like she's bared her flesh before now. 'One day, she'll tell you', so Cassie said... - for my "Chosen" counterpoint, the trequel to the one for "Touched". I have to do the "End of Days" one first, and I'm uninspired for it. I shall proceed to poke my SpikeMuse.

The Ambitions in no particular order. Mostly impossible.

1) When back at university, I plan to Cook Properly at least once a week, and if not, then at least twice a month. I can't live on pasta forever, and one day I might actually move out of home and have to fend for myself. I bought special herbs in Crete, and dammit, I'm going to use them.

2) Find Kiwi Liquer. A restaurant man in our favourite restaurant made us luminous green cocktails comprising the following:

1 shot kiwi liquer
1 shot peach schnapps
1 shot vodka
soda water.

they're yummy and get you drunk very fast. if i can find the liquer i'll make up a bottle for halloween...

3) Visit all the places I've never been.

4) Go to Paris.

5) Spend time in every village, town, city, state, and country in the world. (Even though I'd probably finish my journey when I was about 90.)

6) Learn Greek.
There were more. I've forgotten...