August 27th, 2003

Photo - leaves


okay, can someone invent transporters soon? please? i will be very grateful...

what follows under the cut are a series of photos so you can share my pain. see, we decided it would be a fantastic plan to move around the furniture in my bedroom (which was, in fact, not my idea, but i liked the sound of it and agreed) in order to create more floor space. well, that's the plan, anyway. i started today with the first bit of the plan (explained with photos) and... well, i may have to change the plan, and that'll create even more work than i have at the moment. and believe me, i didn't think it was possible...

anyway. let's see how it's going, shall we? most of you know what my room looks like; for those who don't, welcome to my world...

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does anyone possess the strength to hold up lots of piles of things in the air so i have room to manouvre? anyone feel like moving a bed?

didn't think so...
Photo - leaves

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tee hee...

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