August 28th, 2003

Photo - leaves

getting there...

first things first:

alison has a livejournal, courtesy of me and my codeliness. so, hurrah to that.

on the moving-the-bedroom side of things, here's some more pictures...

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so... i'm getting there. i don't think i'll be getting much done tomorrow, though, or at least not anything heavy-duty, because my back aaaaaches.

in other news: rachel called today to ask what i was doing on saturday, because she's leaving (some professional OT related thing; i should know, but she didn't exactly explain it well...) on sunday and wants us all to meet up before then. alas, i am meeting with angela on saturday at 12.00. i did tell her this, and advised her to phone crystal and aisha first to see if they could come, then tell me what was happening. so now i'm meeting that lot at 1.00, too.

here's the annoying thing/s: she always leaves it until the last sodding minute to organise anything. always. and then gets arsey when i can't drop everything to go out with them. and last week, when i asked if crystal wanted to come out to meet alison with me, she told me she was working until 2.00, and this week, she's not.

ugh. maybe i'm just overly paranoid, but it's annoying, anyway.

and all of the frelling dust in here has made my sinuses all blocked. yuck.

more pictures coming tomorrow, which i'll probably have to put on fahrbot before villagephotos becomes an arse.