August 29th, 2003

Photo - leaves

"i'm drowning in footwear!" (or, in fact, videos.)

i've taken pictures, but since uploading with AOL and a modem takes ages, i'll do them tomorrow. but today, the following was achieved: i moved the step-shelves to the opposite wall and put most of the stuff back on them. it was then decided to put all of the box files (containing mainly official x-files magazines and other x-related things in cult times, starburst, tv zone, etc...) and folders onto the blue shelves that are now at the end of the bed. the blue shelves currently contain boxes of old school stuff i refuse to throw away, and some videos.

so, i've moved all of the videos off the blue shelves and onto the bookcases under the bed (the books from there are going onto the step shelves along with the books [disworld!] from under the stairs - we're going for a complete sort out) and sorted them all out - they are now sorted alphabetically and chronologically(ish) in the following categories:

bought - TV and film
bought - disney
home-taped - disney
home-taped - animated/childhood memories
home-taped - movies
home-taped: TV: buffy, farscape, frasier, friends/the nanny (they're all mixed up) jonathan creek, miscellany, red dwarf, star trek voyager/deep space nine, and x-files.

hence, i was periodically drowning in videos. i discovered a lot of films i didn't even know i had on tape, most of which are doubled up because i'd taped them and then bought them, and decided that i must have pretty much every episode of everything on tape, somewhere (except DS9 and the nanny, because we never got seasons 4-6 of the latter, and i only started taping at season 6 of the former... oh, and buffy, because that's a recent addiction. but anyway, you know what i mean.)

so, the next phase will be:

~ putting some kind of backing onto the step-shelves so the books don't fall down the back, and putting books onto said shelves after clearing them of other things. this will also involve going through the books and boxing those i no longer wish to read (e.g. my point horror collection, amongst others) and adding those i wish to. it'll also mean all my x-files and red dwarf and other miscellaneous television merchandise will be altogether.
~ changing the single socket to a double one (which i believe is going to be done tomorrow since there's about 3 others in the house to change. we have a total of about... 9 sockets in the entire house. the extension lead is my friend.)
~ moving the computer and desk to the opposite wall and probably shunting the drawers up a bit to accommodate it. this'll be the fun part...
~ putting the video/television unit back in, and putting the television/video back on it. along with the vast collection of home-taped and bought x-files tapes (seriously, i'd forgotten how bloody many there were.) that are now going to reside in the cupboard it has.
~ changing the bedclothes and shoving the matress to the other end (it's too short for the bed) and swapping the pillow to the wall end.
~ vacuuming everywhere
~ general tidying

and that, i hope, should do it. and one day, i'm going to actually go through every single one of those videos and watch them all - there are things in there i'm absolutely certain i've never even seen...

dear god, i need DVD season box sets. they're the same size as a video, and i'd free up so many of the damn things. maybe i should start a library...

anyway. beginning to think i should've done the photos after all. never mind. i'll do 'em tomorrow.